Day 41: Mindless

Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, but mostly because we only have plants, no pets. I’ve never seen evidence of any mice here, but I guess there is a squirrel in our roof, so maybe that counts. Anyway, he is not stirring either. But maybe creatures aren’t expected to stir until the night before Christmas. Then again it must be the norm, right? Or else it wouldn’t be worth mentioning when they didn’t. Maybe today’s lesson is how easy it is to get me off track after midnight. 

Thank you for joining me on my random stream of concience. I remember when I was younger in school doing stream of concience exercises. Eventually every single attempt at starting a journal became just that. I like writing in organized ways, I really do. But there’s something so freeing about documenting the wild path that your mind goes on when you don’t have it bridled. Which brings me to my realization of today (actually from last night while I was writing out my post, but let’s not get picky).
You will work more effectively once you have the basic “boring” skills down to where you don’t have to think. I have realized during my time blogging (somewhat) consistently, that the number 1 factor in how much I write in each post is not how tired I am, nor how much I have to say on a topic (in fact, I say quite a bit more on topics I don’t have much to say about). It’s actually how I’m typing it. When I’m on my keyboard (how I learned to type when I was little), my fingers keep up rather well with my train of thought. When I type my post on my phone, I’m much slower, and my thumbs get tired. Keeping up with my mind is essential when it comes to putting onto “paper” how I arrived at and thought through a certain daily lesson. It’s also important to let my mind focus completely on the words I choose to use, and not on what my fingers are doing. I remember in piano lessons being told to practice so much that my fingers could play automatically. In fact, the few songs I can still play are second nature, though I couldn’t for the life of me remember what notes to play if I were asked to write them down. There are certain skills that need to be practiced until they’re second natureIt’s a disappearing art, but so worth while. 

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