A Less Exciting Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world am I? Anticlimactically, I am in Iowa. This is indeed contrary to my predictions, but I’ll update from the beginning. After Texas (which was my most recent post), I spent a wonderful week up in Michigan pretending that life was back to normal. After getting back to Iowa, I ran up to Chicago to the Brazilian consulate and (long story short) I spent two weeks in either Chicago or Des Moines at the Secretary of State office rounding up countless items needed for my visa application. Eventually, I got everything turned in before Thanksgiving, THEN they decided to tell me it will be approximately 45 days of processing. So, it became useless to go to Miami, since I had no flight leaving from there. Instead, the only choice was to sit around and wait, right? Well… in this family we don’t sit around very well. Enter: my adventurous mother.

So mom and I decided, while we were waiting for me to be cleared to leave the country, why not go to Puerto Rico? And that’s just what we did. We flew down to PR, took a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean and wrapped it up with 4 days touring around PR. Yes, be jealous, because it was WONDERFUL! Sun, sand, water and new, unexplored lands was just what we needed to liven up our cold, wintry lives. Great cruise (we went Carnival) and Puerto Rico is absolutely gorgeous. I’ll throw in a few pictures just to help you visualize 😉

Our cruise ship at St. Maarten

View of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mom and I at Blue Beard’s Castle, St. Thomas

Now for the future… I’m expecting my visa to be ready by mid-January, just in time for vacation in Brazil (can’t really go down to work when no one’s there). So, I may not go down there until they’re back to work in the office near the end of January or beginning of February. I’m excited to go so keep up the prayers!

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  1. So you didn't fly off a cliff… that's always good news.


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