Finally warm

As much as I love Iowa… ok, mostly my parents which happen to be in Iowa, I have yet to fully appreciate the snow and 0 degree weather.  Thankfully I am now here in the beautiful, warm city of Brasilia. My trip was relatively uneventful, despite a few close calls.  But my first few days here have been wonderful.  I’ve met all the people in my office (100+) and have yet to remember a single name.  The best part, however, is all the fun confusion of what language to speak to me in when they see me.  For the most part I get a creative combination of Spanish, English and Portuguese.  Work is going well, but I can see that it will be mentally challenging, which is honestly a nice change of pace. 

Well, while there is so much to say, my jetlagged self is going to fight the urge to stay up.  It’ll be another early morning for church.  For those of you left in less than ideal weather… Let me leave you with this final image.  The view out my bedroom window (where the fresh air is currently flowing in).

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