Happy Birthday Brasilia

So over a week ago (April 21st to be exact) was the 50th anniversary of the construction of Brasilia.  Conveniently it also fell on the Brazilian holiday “Tiradentes” which celebrates a martyr of sorts during the independence process of the country.  We got the day off of work and did some wonderful things with it!  We went to the lake for a while to walk around, then to eat lunch, then to the Ministerial row (much like the Mall in DC) where there was an air show (similar to Blue Angels), volleyball tournament and lots of wonderful loud music.  To help you visualize my fabulous day here are some pictures taken by the Extremely-Talented-Eli Mendonca. 

 Here were my wonderful rides… Clockwise from me is Eli, Luis, Juan, Bruno and Victor Hugo.

 The whole group at the lake.  And do please notice Bruno’s lovely hat in the front.

A magical cloud spelled “Brasilia”

Here’s how the magical cloud was made.  Yay air show!

 There was a ginormous flag, and I was patriotic.

And here are the people that made the day SO fun!  Woo hoo for Victor Hugo and Eli!

Here’s most of the group again at the volleyball game.  Yes, it was hot.

Following the celebrations several of us went back to see Susan at home (who had been working all day, poor thing) and ate popsicles.  My favorite is quickly becoming corn.  Mmmm…..

Long story short…. Viva Brasilia!!!

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