Happy Mother’s Day!

There are days which are more difficult than others to be so far away from home and family.  Yes, this is one of those days.  A day when I am reminded of everything that a mother should and can be, I’m also reminded that mine is 4,834 miles away (flying distance that is).  But since it’s difficult to celebrate at such a distance (can’t really give her a hug from here, now can I?), I’ve decided I’ll settle at honoring my wonderful mother here.  So mom, this one’s for you.

Here’s why my mom is special… 

Everything in life turns into an adventure when she’s around.

She faces unimaginable challenges on a daily basis, but never let’s it force her to turn around. (yes, that’s her at the top, on the edge of the cliff..)

I’m not convinced that she understands what growing up means.  Or for that matter that dresses and pants AREN’T what you’re supposed to swim in whenever you see the water.
She’s always discovering something new… even if that’s just how to help someone else enjoy something for the first time.
She’s never too busy to enjoy life and those she loves.
She’s never met a mud puddle she didn’t like.
With her, even the common turns into an exploration.
She’s supported me in ever step I’ve taken, but has never been afraid to give her honest opinion.
Most of all, my mother is special because there’s no woman in this world like her.  She loves with everything she has, she is unstoppable, she dreams big for herself and for others, she doesn’t let real life get in the way of her life, but most of all (to me) she’s my mother.
So mom, I hope in some small way, our love and appreciation for you can reach at least a fraction of everything that you have given to us.  You are everything a mother should and can be.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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