Recording Transformations

The day began like any other… giving cheesy smiles to Susan as we walked out the door for work.  But last Friday was not any other day…

instead it was the ominous filming day!  Hours of translation had led to this moment… filming a script in English.  But I couldn’t go looking like this!  (or so they said, I didn’t really care either way) so step one was to…

Cut my beautiful hair!!!  I’m ok with it though… they paid and I haven’t cut my hair since last September.  Plus I didn’t have to decide what style because they were in charge of all that.  So my lovely hairdresser man also did the work of styling my hair for said production (less work for me) and it looked like… 

Yes, I was blown away by the new look!  Sorry, I really couldn’t resist the sure thing laugh.  Eventually back at the office I looked like…

I surprisingly don’t have a picture of myself in the studio… although I know one was snapped.  I’ll hunt it down soon.  Notice as well the nifty new “production ready” glasses I got.  Darker frames so they stand out and anti-reflective lenses.  A real pro now… my glasses prove it!

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  1. DonB says:

    It's a good look. Set to do in depth interviews where you expose deep dark secrets?


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