My BFF E.G. White

“When I first found myself in a state of helplessness I deeply regretted having crossed the broad waters. Why was I not in America? Why at such expense was I in this country? Time and again I could have buried my face in the bed quilts and had a good cry. But I did not long indulge in the luxury of tears.”   2SM 234.1

My girl EGW is pretty deep.  And of all people, I didn’t expect it to be her to understand my occasional desperate thoughts.  I’m doing fine now, but I can’t count how many times these very thoughts have run through my head.  But as she said, “the luxury of tears.”  There is plenty of positive to be seen here and I intend on finding it!  But until then, at least I know I’m in good company.

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  1. DonB says:

    Father Knows Best


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