July 4, 2010

So my 4th of July was suprisingly “American.”  I received a red, white and blue package from the Fernandes Family and decided to throw a good ole’ fashion Fiesta!  I organized a few things to take myself, sent out invitations and told friends to “bring what they thought was American food.”  Unfortunately Brazil lost the World Cup on Friday, leaving everyone a little disheartened, but thankfully, more willing to shed their Brazilian pride and take on the joy of celebrating the USA.  Thankfully Pauli came over in the morning to help me out by slicing, boiling, mixing etc.  Our picnic was made up of my potato salad, deviled eggs, lemonade (and failed baked beans which didn’t make it off the stove), a watermelon basket fruit salad by Pauli, Coca Cola, hot dogs, french fries, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream.  Joyful times.  15 people ended up being there for the joy of food and Uncle Sam. 

As food disappeared, numbers dwindled and out came the Uno cards.

And eventually back to the house for a movie. 
I like having friends who for a day, pretend joyfully to be American.
And Happy 234th Birthday USA!

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