Cute Little Parrots

So, I love this point of teaching when as a teacher you are faced with all the words you repeat too often.  And the only way I ever notice this is when my basic students start using the funniest words and I think, “where did they pick that up?!”  So I find them praising eachother with “perfect!” instead of “good” or the occasional “exactly” instead of “yes.”  And come to think of it, yes, that is how I encourage their correct homework answers.  Guilty.  I even had one basic student end our conversation with “peace!” the other day.  Oops.

Otherwise work is going well.  It’s a struggle keeping a balance between my translation and classes, and accomplishing enough in both areas.  But I’m making it 🙂  The biggest side effect is that when I get home everyday, my voice is gone.  And for those of you who know how much I talk normally, that takes a LOT of work.  But it’s worth it (with most of them).  I have one student whose desk is literally covered with sticky notes of English words to study.  It does a teacher’s heart good.  We’re planning our social conversation activities for this weekend and the following week.  It’ll be interesting to see how this goes.  I’ll take pictures 🙂

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