Baby Steps

So there are days I feel like a grown up.  They usually revolve around work, because being a teacher is the most adult thing I do, but other times, I create these moments all by myself and usually without even realizing it.  This week was no exception.  In the routine of my life I do ‘grown up stuff’ like waking up at 5:30am every morning, exercising with pastors’ wives in the evening, reading the news for fun, grocery shopping, cooking for potlucks and sweeping the floor every other day. 

But this Sunday, for a friend’s birthday, I tried my hand at cinnamon rolls, and of course they wouldn’t be cinnamon rolls without cream cheese frosting.  They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, although I still wish I had the magic of Connie Swartzendruber as I was making them.  Boy do I miss her cinnamon rolls (ok, and her too)!  Anyway… I hadn’t realized what a novelty item these were here, or I would have made more than 2 1/2 dozen.  They went like hotcakes!  Or, in this case they went like cinnamon rolls?  I mean really, who eats hotcakes that fast… I mean, they’re hot.  My apologies, I diverge.  Well, here is a glimpse of the fruits (or baked goods) of my labors.

But no worries, as I cook, my inner child still turns the kitchen into this…

And today just to make sure there was still enough ‘kid’ left in me, I ate chocolate for breakfast. 

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  1. David Baker says:

    You could start a business and become the cinnamon role queen of Brazil.


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