More procrastination

Yes, I am still failing to write about my trip.  But as a consolation for anyone who is actually waiting to hear about it, I decided to provide a few images.  And this is a privileged because I haven’t even uploaded anything to facebook yet.  Anyways…. here it goes.  Thankfully a picture speaks a thousand words, right?
 Our convention center hotel.  And yes, as luck has it, I forgot my swim suit at home.

Despite the beautiful surroundings, this was my most common sight.  Meetings.

   But when I briefly escaped meetings I found, Argentina to the left and Paraguay to the right.

 But even my escape was work related.  Time to film.

 But the view made the whole week’s worth of work, worth it all.

Oh!  And I finally got around to making Luis Goncalves (my next door neighbor) take a posed picture with me in front of his billboard.  Life goal #241: Check!

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