An Ode to Packing

As I count down a week until I hop on the next plane to Peru, I begin that fun again of putting my life’s possessions into two seemingly large but insufficiently sized suitcases. We have all experienced the panic of “oh my, what do I take,” but after so much experience with this overwhelming struggle, I have decided deserves it’s own ode (and yes, in all honesty, I’m just simply procrastinating to avoid it).

Ooooohh…. dear.

An Ode to Packing

Red shoes, black suit, umbrella, check!

PJ’s, flip flops and sewing kit
Squeezing in books is a pain in the neck.
Oh dear, how will it all fit?
I’d love to take this picture frame
But try as I may, can’t afford the weight.
A pile of shoes will have to stay
But leaving my teddy would be super lame.
Donation bag is this shirt’s fate.
How can I stuff without having to pay?
But precious treasures don’t fit in my bag.
Memories, smiles and laughter shared 
Will stay forever despite my jet lag. 
Customs won’t asked to have those declared.
I filled my life with so much more
Than what these bags could carry.
The love of friends and family remains
No matter the challenges I endure.
However one truth is easy to ferry,
The airlines won’t lose this luggage on planes.
But what do I need when I arrive
To do my best and most enjoy life?
Not comforts of home but how to survive.
Morals, passion, strength to face strife,
Joy, commitment, patience and caring,
Fairness, candor, an always open mind,
Sincerity, honesty, sympathy, tact,
Respect, quick wit, understanding, daring,
Thankfulness, thoughtfulness, love of mankind,
Will all be the true luggage I’ve packed.

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