Adventure vs. Normalcy

For those who know me well, I think we’ll all agree that I never fit too well into an example of a “normal” life. But as with most people, I like a change of pace from time to time. So here in Peru I enjoy going into Lima to spend the weekend with friends. My friend Darmony who I met 5 years ago in Campos, Rio, Brazil has a sister Cris who is married with two kids and who has lived here for 14 years. So long story short, a few times a month I get to hang out with a family, playing board games with kids, wandering the streets talking without doing anything specific, sitting around the living room singing songs and playing with harmonies, watching movies until late at night with a 10 year-old curled up asleep on my shoulder. Overall it’s a sanctuary of normalcy for me. After feeling out of my element all week long, it’s nice to live a life for even a short time that feels like you get to just sit back and let life happen. And we all need that from time to time, something that feel positively mundane.
Playing tickle games with a 10 year-old
Wandering through the streets of Lima 
Well so much for normal… no clue what’s going on here!

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