What my brain sees

Welcome to my office

Sometimes I feel like my work space is merely symbolic of work, because truth be told I’m not always working while in it (darn facebook). And when I feel like I’m working the most it’s actually when I’m off wandering the streets (or sidewalks in my case). But today I felt successful. No, nothing got crossed off my to-do list. If anything I actually added to it. But in a good way, I added more ways to help.

I dream in sticky notes too

And today a few thoughts that have been floating around in my head finally made their way together in a semi-organized fashion. Of course this phenomenon results in something looking more like…

Doesn’t this just seem so clear?

Someday this will be a beautiful, colorful and understandable brochure/handout. But to me it already is. Wouldn’t it just be easier to see through my mind’s eyes?

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