Amendment to "Gone Fishin’"

So… while I’m still spending my week in prayer and meditation I will no longer be spending it in fasting. Virtual and social fasting yes, but turns out I actually need food. While many people can survive 10, 20 and 30 days fasts, I keep forgetting I’m special. 3 days into it and there I go nearly fainting in the front row of chapel. After going light headed, sweating bullets in under 10 seconds, watching the world go black before me, I decided to grab a friend and demand food. She said when I walked up to her I was completely white (as if I’m not white enough on a regular basis). So there was my morning so far, in the cafeteria then at the medical clinic where the doctor reprimanded me for not consistently eating breakfast, pointed out that I have low blood pressure (today’s winning number was 80/50) and reminded me that I have a tendency for hypoglycemia as well. Well, looking at it logically (which I don’t always do) low blood pressure and hypoglycemia may not mix with fasting. Lesson learned. I’ve been given ginseng to take for the next few weeks (he chuckled at the fact that the hospital could only treat me with natural medication because he ‘only ever deals with people with high blood pressure and so doesn’t have any medicine for low’). Ironically the doctor recommended that for long-term control I take up drinking a little coffee each morning as a way to help regulate my blood pressure. Love these Adventist doctors.

But no worries mom, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’ll live and live well.

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