Every morning before running out my door with hairbrush and breakfast in hand, I have my routines. Other than the obvious getting clean, dressed and pretty, I also like to jump-start my mind. For me this includes a run-through of BBC News for important headlines (a habit picked up thanks to wonderful and demanding teachers at Andrews) and when I have the extra few minutes (when it would probably be smart to eat my breakfast sitting down) I jump over to my favorite ‘nerd’ websites: Grammar Girl and Psychology Today.

This morning I happened upon the article, 7 Tips to Know if You’re Boring Someone. Boy I wish more people understood this concept. I’m suffering with one person right now who bores me to tears and yet insists on stopping by my office every day and usually bringing random fruit with him. Life lesson: It’s easy to clearly reject a guy for a relationship, it’s no so easy to reject friendship. The tricky ones try sneaking in that way. But within 3 sentences I’m already throwing all 7 of these “bored signals” at him. Oh well, not everyone is quite as socially aware.

But at least from my part, this is a good reminder to watch for these signs myself. When arriving in a new place it’s easy to fall into the “I’m the most interesting thing in this conversation” mindset. That’s horrible to admit, but it’s semi-natural. And well, frankly not everyone agrees. Many people have no interest whatsoever in hearing why I’m here, where I come from or what brought me here. I must remember “don’t wait for people to ask questions about you, ask people questions about themselves.” This way, at least we’ll be on a topic they enjoy.

So this is my goal for today. Get people talking about themselves and keep my social eyes open for those who are simply bored and want to escape my conversation. I’ll be nice and help them escape. Because you know that look of gratefulness in someone’s eyes when they want to get out and you give them the perfect excuse. Yay for avoiding social awkwardness!

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