Cookie Dough

I’m very glad today is over (this crazy Monday came back again!). Nothing terrible happened, but it was one of those days when your work left always out numbers the time left in the day. I had a pile of stuff on my mind and had a headache (must have been from the extra weight sitting on it). So I’m very excited to be home and waiting for my first batch of Mexican Oatmeal Cookies to come out of the oven. There’s something so relaxing about mixing flour, sugar and other assorted items together to create something edible and different than the last time I mixed flour, sugar and other things together. 

But as I get older I learn something new every day. My mother never told me not to eat cookie dough (she’s a rebel like that), but I often heard that council from other people’s parents. At one point I heard the explanation had something to do with raw eggs being dangerous. Well, I’ve decided that’s really just a cover-up. Parents just use that to scare their kids away for a much more important reason. Have you ever noticed how sneaking just a little bit of cookie dough reduces the final number of cookies by a lot? The REAL danger with eating cookie dough is that you eat about 12 cookies worth in 2 big spoonfuls! Now not only do I have less cookies to share with my friends but I think eating 12 cookies at once makes me a pig. 
I guess now I know for next time. At least it was good cookie dough! Let this be a lesson to us all, sometimes delayed gratification is worth it because we actually get more if we’re patient. Man being adult is tough.

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