Getting deported

Ok, so maybe no one is deporting me yet. But I am getting sent out of the country. The time I was given on my visitor’s visa is up, and in order to continue my paperwork I have to renew my visa. In order to do that, I have to leave the country and come back in. So… away I go to Ecuador! I hop on a bus this afternoon, will spend 20+ hours to get there, meet a pastor, walk across the border basically, walk back (maybe spend a night in a hotel, I’m not positive about the timing) and get on another bus for 20+ hours to come home JUST in time to head to the airport and pick up more guests for the next week. I’m tired already.

The good news however is that when describing me to the pastor who will pick me up at the border, I heard them describe me as “a tall, skinny blonde”. Ok, so there are things I love about this country. Where else would my 5’5″-self get that description!?

But no worries, I’ll be as safe as I can and send signs of life as soon as I can. Now to go put another stamp in the ol’ passport!

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