Ode to my girls

Ok, let’s be relatively transparent here. There are awesome aspects of living in a foreign country. And one is that here, I’m foreign. And yes, it’s fun being “exotic” but it comes at a price. I am often lacking in female friends. The few I do have, who are wonderful people by the way, are married. I promise not to lament over this too much, but it makes me miss the days when things were different.

I miss Andrews. There were days when I had not only the most wonderful female friends, but wonderful single female friends. Not that married women can’t be good friends, but back then, we only had each other. Oh and good friends are good for so much…

To roll around in the snow
To enjoy guilty pleasures

To feel like a princess
To pour out your heart

To do crazy things like randomly dye your hair
Or crazier things like dress up like idiots
To relax us when we’re stressed
To defend us when we need 
To tuck us into bed 
To help us escape from awkward situations
(Usually from a weird guy we’re not interested in)
To make us laugh so hard we spit out our tea
To conquer challenges (and stairs)
To remind us to sit back and enjoy the view
To cuddle
And to remind us to enjoy life
To get hopelessly lost together and find adventure 
To share in life’s accomplishments
To give their company when you’re in a room full of strangers
To be your family when you need it most

I have been unbelievably blessed by the women in my life. And college was a great time for me because of them. A friend asked me the other day what has been the best year of my life. I answered in a heartbeat. Even though life changes (and people move, my bad guys) people who have such an impact in my life always have a place in my heart. Ok, no more cheesy, but where ever you are in this world AMAZING women, be it Orlando, Miami, Woodbridge or Cedar Lake, I love you! And even now, you make me a very happy girl.

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