If you don’t have anything nice to say…

I realize my blogging skills (or at least the little I had) have slowly gone down to the tubes. I love sharing my experiences in other country for those who care about me (friends and family) and perhaps other restless souls who find themselves away from home. But ever since I was little I learned “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” And I refuse to use my blog as a constant downer. I mean really, complaining in public has to be done with a lot of politically correct phrasing and class (both of which I’m still learning how to do). Plus, I would rather those around me not be pulled down into my negativity. I feel community, albeit virtual ones, should be for our edification, not to be in contact with people who pull us down. And I don’t want to pull YOU down, so I’ve been silent instead. Things aren’t horrible here, but there are a lot of frustrations and struggles. But who doesn’t have that? So why concentrate on mine… it’ll only remind you of yours. So, I’m sorry for being “distant” but let’s see what little moments of joy we can share together.

My greatest joy living in this distant land is the fabulous guy I have adventuring by my side, so some of my best moments have been with him. Today I’ll throw in one little story… for Mother’s Day (after crying my eyes out missing my own amazing and wonderful mother) we made homemade pizzas together for his mom. And because I also missed my dad (and have to impress my boy’s family) I also took over an all-American apple pie. Cooking is 100X more fun in good company.

I’ve watched enough I Love Lucy to know how to do this…
We invent toppings
Before cut it had an “M” for Mom

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