Where I Come From

I have recently moved back to the USA, and as always happens when I arrive somewhere new, I hear the dreaded question, “Where are you from?” My answer is a flat, “Great question! Um…” I never know how to answer that. I find very few people who actually do. Do you say where you were born? Where you grew up? Where you have lived the most? Where you lived most recently? It’s complicated unless the answer to all of those questions is the same place. But what is it that makes us think we can know more about a person just by where they’re from? But as we’re sitting down and chatting and I’ll tell you where I come from, I come from the Brown family. We are a complex and slightly strange people, but we’re kinda awesome too. And today I want to highlight one very special Brown (and it’s fair to remember that he’s older today than he was yesterday; Happy Birthday!). I’m glad you were born Big Brother Brown.

When I was little, I wanted to be just like him. As I grow older I learn that this doesn’t just mean playing the same sports or instruments, but rather it’s learning from his wisdom. Because of him I felt brave enough to expand my horizons and visit the world. Because of him I feel comfortable embracing my nerd side when I truly love something. Because of him I feel inspired to look beyond what I am taught and seek the truth. Because of him I have learned that that little moments, when spent in love can become the huge memories that last a lifetime. Because of him I have another wonderful sister who listens to me, laughs with me, counsels and has, simply put, become both family and friend (good choice Big Brother). Because of him I have a brilliant and creative nephew and a fierce and tender niece. Because of him I love who I am even though I am not “just like” anyone.

Long story short, I have an awesome Big Brother Brown.

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