Day 4: Signatures

Day four is ending after midnight, so this is one of those “to not break the habit” posts. We had a fabulous day roaming around DC. 
One of the highlights for me might have been the signature collection at the National Archives. Yes, seeing THE Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights was enough to make one pause and reflect. But the signature exibit made my imagination run wild. From celebrities to politicians, letters to army enlistment papers, there’s something so exciting about seeing someone from the past’s signature. It’s like the graffiti we learn at such a young age “I (______) was here.” And looking at these original signatures, you know that at one point in time, that person was in front of the exact same piece of paper marking it with their pen. 
So it got me thinking and you’ve guessed it, to my lesson of the day. Day 4: Choose carefully what you sign your name to. I don’t just mean contract-wise, but in general. There are times to take risks on the unknown perhaps, but overall choose wisely what you promote and/or endorse. Taking ownership of words on a page (or screen) leaves a legacy. Maybe you won’t be known for that one passive aggressive Facebook post, but it makes up a part of who you are to those looking at you from outside. So be educate your statements, and take that step with confidence. Your signature is worth gold. 

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