Day 30 & 31: Silence & Learning

Last night we drove from Key West back to Miami. And by we I very much mean Daniel. I stayed staring out the window, at the stars nearly the whole ride. It’s amazing, when you’re driving on a bridge through the ocean, there’s just about zero light pollution to distract from the brilliance of the heavenly lights. As I remained entranced by the many stars I had never seen before, it hit me. We often drown out the beauty that’s always there. There’s a lot of ways we do this: tv, Internet, music, work, shopping, and so much more. Sometimes it’s just good to turn off all the lights, let your eyes adjust, and take a look around. 

Today we spent a great day at the Miami zoo, and went out for a special dinner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. And I learned that I can keep learning about my husband. I love dating my husband. He’s awesome and interesting. 

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