Day 34: Read

I’ve seen plenty of sources citing that we don’t read anymore. While I remember this everytime I read through the comments section in magazine articles (you can’t comment on the title alone people!) there is still a fair share of reading going on. We spend hours reading through our Facebook or Twitter timelines. I’ll admit, I’m not the bookworm that my sister always said I should be, and my annual book count is painfully low. So in essence I am speaking to myself here. 

What I suggest is that even as we are reading in our modern context, we are reading in extremely abbreviated forms. There is something to be said about old school reading, devoting hours of your time and imagination to a single narrative, uninterrupted by alternative external thoughts or ideas. The same goes for academic reading. Our minds process information differently when we are focused on that one subject for long periods of time. 
Old school reading will never go out of style. So, Angela, pick up a book this week and give it your all. 

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