Day 36: Useful pain

A few days ago, as I was scrapping ice off my windshield (yes, it’s that time of year once again), in my adorable boots, I rolled my ankle. I’ve had much worse but usually when doing something that deserves it. I’ll heal, so there’s no need to worry. No bruising, no swelling, nothing to prove my pain. I know this injury well enough to know that it doesn’t need to stay still. What it really needs is gentle stretching. This sucks though because it hurts. I remember the same paradox after a set of surgeries, screaming in tears to walk 3 steps to the chair because I needed to move to recover. 

Sometimes what’s best for us is going to be a bit painful. I would prefer this lesson not be true, but unfortunately it is. You may not know this, but the same applies in marriage. It’s sometimes painful to talk out an argument, but getting the “blood” flowing to bring healing. Something to think about next time you feel those subtle twinges of pain begin to appear. 

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