Oh, Hello Me


To catch us all up: I’m married to a great guy, I had a baby late last year. I’m now a wife and mother. There you go, that will be all I say about that, sorta. If you want my wife or mom thoughts, head over to our family website/blog. My stream of consciousness on those topics are relatively interesting. I will just avoid the topics here because in some way or another I need to dig a bit deeper into myself and life that that. I’m loving being a mom and in many ways it is my highest priority. Both marriage and motherhood have helped me myself more than anything in my life. I’m not necessarily lost in them, but it is easy to let that one amazing area of my life be all I think about.

Life and the thoughts I’m working through is a bit bigger than that though. They’re just buried deeper below the daily thoughts and actions. This platform will be where I separate out those thoughts, realities, worries, and more. So here it is, the rest of me. The better I polish this part the better the rest will be as well. As one of my positive affirmations says:

When I love and care for myself first, I am the best I can be for others.

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