A sister’s pride

I always thought working for my own success would be my greatest source of pride and joy. I never exactly figured out how I defined success, so who knows, maybe I’m there. However throughout my adult years I’ve learned what many parents and other mature adult people know: third-party pride. Ok, that’s probably not what it’s called, but it’s all I can think of right now. It is that second-hand glow that you capture when you are focused fully on witnessing how incredible someone you love really is. I beam with pride living my life next to my husband, and I do not doubt I will continue in this glow with my son. But this week I realized how blessed I have been and still am to live in the glow of two people I was created alongside to learn about and enjoy life: my siblings.

Me, the eldest, and the middle child

The Eldest

My brother is amazing. Like imagine the coolest, smartest person, then just give them weird facial hair and that’s my brother. He’s in the list of top 5 men in the world for sure. My husband, child (I’m optimistic), dad, father-in-law round out the rest of that ranking. Wait, maybe Tom Hanks should be on that list. Anyway, my brother is a computer programmer/developer/CTO/another more proper phrase for what he does, to be honest I completely do not understand. But there is a book with his name on it on my bookshelf that anyone who has visited my house has had shoved in their face. He has defined so clearly for himself where he wants to be and prioritizes his work/life balance. I look up to him in so many areas of life, but let me just get back to his professional side.

He’s made others rich and famous, well, sorta famous, for many years. Most importantly he has built a reputation for incredible work and has earned the respect of those in his field. Recently he started his own company. I cannot even imagine skills he holds to do this. He saw a problem and he knows how to fix it for people. Anyway, I keep up on Sleuth’s news, but I understand so little of it, which means he must be doing great. I beam with pride every time I talk about him. I am quite sure that at this point the people I work with think he invented the internet. Ok, I may not explain it well. But this (he) is a big deal. I read about what he is doing in major news outlets. None of this will stop being incredible in my eyes.

I hope you understand this. It’s beautiful and I do love visual data!

The Middle Child

My sister is one of the strongest and wisest women I know, and I know a lot of those. She’s deceptively strong actually. Looking at her you would expect her probably just to be sweet. Even in conversation she tends to stay a bit on the sidelines unless she has summoned up all her social energy for the week. But give that woman a challenge and she blossoms. She has always been one of those sisters you did not want to mess with. I learned that early for my own survival, but more importantly she has always been an incredible defender of those she loves. She is also an incredibly passionate person, though as an introvert you have to know the signs.

This year she decided to follow one of her greatest passions, children’s literature, and nothing can stop her. So there she goes starting up her own bookshop, Curious Capybara Bookshop. I mean, there is a pandemic going on and she is starting a business as hundreds are closing down. Okay that sounded incredibly pessimistic of me, but let me tell you why this amazes me. Not only is she following through on her dream when it does not seem easy, but she believes so wholeheartedly in the value she is bringing through this that she is willing to do the extra work to make it succeed even now. Kids need books now more than ever. My sister helps children fall in love with reading. With a generation facing virtual classrooms, adjusted curriculums, extra home time, etc, she knows that books can be a sources of learning, calm, distraction and even normalcy for families. So there she goes, off to make this crazy world better one book at a time. Wow, she’s incredible!

Remember when I said I glow with pride about my husband all the time? I do mean ALL the time! He made this gorgeous logo that perfectly sums up the vision and feel of this new venture. I mean look at it! It’s cute! Fun! Engaging! If you haven’t yet, go watch a YouTube video of capybara’s in lemon baths. And the capybara is based on our son who likes to read with his feet. Darn it! This is no longer a caption. I need to stop bragging now. But isn’t my husband incredible?!

Maybe I’m the luckiest one. I get to sit back, think of those I love, take in a deep breath and think “Damn, they’re amazing!”

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