Sad realities

Sad reality #1: Nothing happening in my life at the moment is worthy of an “update” or announcement. Granted, I’m sure most people are in the dark as to what I’m doing and where I’m at and I’m sure they’d love to know, but who wants to receive an email saying “hey, so, I have a job, I live in Iowa and I’m about to go eat supper.”

Not so sad reality #2: (wait, is it technically #2 if it’s not the same wording as the first?) There are some people out there who would like to hear from/about me, problem is, I just don’t know who they are. So, if you fit into this category… welcome to your Angela’s life library.

Fair warning # 3: (yup, I’ve decided to still number them, even though they shouldn’t be) I’m not sure where this blog will take me. It may be recounting facts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at times I delve into my thoughts, emotions and struggles. And here’s the fair warning… I may think things you don’t like. Please keep perspective. Chances are you know me well enough not to judge me off of one comment, so try sticking with me.

Well… there we go. We’re off on a running start. Keep posted, because you never know what will come next (and you’ll probably never know when.)

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