Here, there and everywhere

The Present

So at the moment I’m working as the Assistant General Manager at Super 8 Motel. It may not be a very glamorous job, but I have business cards! Not to mention the fact that I get to tell people what to do. That’s a perk. But the majority of the job is office work and trouble shooting. Overall, I like it, but it couldn’t be a long term thing. I’d burn out too fast. Which I guess leads me to my tentative plans for the future.

The Future

I’m waiting to confirm a job working in Brasilia at the South American Division in the office of translation. I’ve been saving up to get the plane ticket while I wait for all the votes to go through the NAD that they need for approval. But it looks like as soon as everything’s in, I’ll be getting my plane ticket south for the next year. I guess that’s really all I know as of now, or else I’d give more details. So here’s to praying and waiting. I will, however, admit to feelings of nervousness and fear, a typical cocktail of emotions for a pending missionary.

P.S. My last show as host at is now airing. That’s a bit depressing in itself. It’s hard to see it go. But the good news is, I didn’t cry in my closing, although I was dangerously close and ended up blubbering around for a bit instead. Check it out if you have time… it’s lesson 13 of this quarter.

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