Job Satisfaction

I’ve heard some great reasons for why people love their jobs. Some enjoy the work they do, others enjoy the impact their efforts make in the life of others. Some may feel their skills challenged every day and get the opportunity to learn, or maybe it’s just the paycheck that leaves them happy at the end of the day. And for some, maybe what they love is the power and respect they receive at work.

Well, my reasons are simple. I love the people I work with. Between the housekeepers, front desk staff and even our general manager, I walk away from every conversation laughing to myself. Guests have moments of joyous interaction too, but nothing gets me quite like my co-workers. There are some of the most colorful personalities at my Super 8. Yesterday I went to clock out and the worker that came in at 3pm had stacked up 4 laundry carts in front of the time clock. There was a note taped to this leaning tower that stated simply “if you can’t clock out, you can’t leave.”

But today was something very special. For the past month or so we have had trouble with our printer. It has claimed there was a paper jam, despite being taken to the shop 4 times. So after making our life miserable we FINALLY got a new printer shipped from the corporate office. Well, the creative minds at our front desk researched a 60 Minutes investigation about how poorly electronics are recycled. And after minutes of negotiation, we knew what we must do.

We went Office Space on it.

And when the four of us were done, it had no paper jam.

Yes, there are moments I love my job.

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  1. You are a sick, sick person.

    Wish I could have joined in 😉


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