American Farewell Tour

Well, long story short… I’ve been approved by the General Conference (finally!) and the South American Division voted to accept me as their “very own volunteer.” I can’t say I was surprised considering I had recieved all the legal paperwork from them a week before the vote took place. And it looks like my plane south to Brasilia takes off early in the morning, November 26th. I was incredibly excited to find a ticket for half the price of Chicago that was leaving from Miami. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but I don’t exactly live in Miami, or even within 25 hours of it for that matter. Well never fear, I simply made that the last leg of my American Farewell Tour. First stop will be…

I’ll be visiting my sister and her family, as well as my grandmother and a few cousins. As much as it feels like I just saw them, it’s strange to think that Sofia will be almost 6 when I get back and the boys will be 4. Maybe I’m a bad aunt for leaving for so long… Well, after San Antonio, I get to jump up north towards Canada to…

… the cold, cold Andrews University. Maybe it’s a bit geeky to back to my Alma Mater so early after graduation, but hey, I just can’t get enough. After a short run through Iowa, my last stop and jumping off point is…

…Miami, Florida! This is possibly the most exciting, because my mom and I will be driving down, real Thelma and Louise like. I guess I’m Thelma. Anyways, we’ll be running around like crazy women until I fly out on Thanksgiving morning. So there’s the rest of my life until I’m gone. The only thing left to do is pack… Oh dear… haven’t even started with that. Perhaps I should stop blogging and sift through some of this junk…

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  1. Careful with analogies! When you wrote, after referencing Thelma and Louise, that you'd be running around like crazy women “until I fly o…” I almost completed it as “until I fly off a cliff”. Have a safe journey.. and do 'behave' yourselves.

    Nice blog, San Antonio does NOT bring good memories for me, but still, nice blog.


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