Dear Diary,

Today was a good day.  Well, ok, I’m sure there’s more to say than that.  Yesterday was a normal day at work, although I was a little grumpy, but when I got home I sat down on my bed to rest my feet for a few minutes before helping Susan out with some more floral arrangements.  Well, that was at 6pm and the next thing I knew, my alarm was going off at 5:30.  It took me a quick minute to figure out why I was at the foot of my bed, then why I was still dressed in my work clothes.  Odd.  Needless to say, I wasn’t as useful to Susan and I had hoped to be, nor did we do our evening exercising or worship.  The good news was that I was not grumpy today. 

Fridays are a lovely invention.  We work from 7-1 (like many Adventist institutions).  Well, I’m not sure it’s fair to say 7, because in reality, morning worship on Friday goes from 7:30 to 8.  And 7-7:30 is spent checking emails and organizing for the day.  Today I finished up some reports from Brazilian Unions (they have me translating both Spanish and Portuguese now, I’m not sure if I mentioned).  I didn’t play dumb long enough and they realized how much Portuguese I really understand.  Drat!  Granted, at 12:55, I got a document that needed to be translated by Sunday morning.  Thankfully it was just two pages (but in Port. which takes me longer).  I finished it at home this afternoon while Susan made empanadas for the Small Group tonight.

Our Small Group (which is really about 30 people, which doesn’t seem small to me) is everyone from the neighborhood.  This is just the second week we’ve done it, so we’re still settling into a routine, but it seems we’ll have it Friday nights, and are studying a book on Revelation.  Today I even said a sentence!  Small steps, Angela, small steps.  After small group I started talking to a friend Rita (who works in the Adventist Volunteer office, and also speaks pretty good English).  We went back to her “apartment” which is two houses down from mine and talked for a couple of hours.  It’s nice to have a friend.  It never ceases to amaze me how people who grow up in completely different countries and cultures can feel the exact same way about some things.  God certainly did create us to connect with one another.  Anyways, it’s nice to have a friend.  Rita and I are actually going over to another friend’s house tomorrow after church for lunch, the afternoon, then it’s a single girls sleepover!  It will be nice to bond with my friends instead of just passing them in the hall or sitting across the table from them for 40 minutes at lunch. 

Well, that’s been my last few days and my current plans.  Nothing extraordinary, but ’tis my life.  And I’m living it in Brazil.  That should be special enough.

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