Multi-tasking isn’t only necessary, but also habitual.  Now that I’m living somewhere with a very laid-back and simplified lifestyle, I still find myself feeling the need to multitask.  I sit down with a book and think “I could probably look up brownie recipes while I finish this chapter.”  (on a side note: if anyone has some good brownie recipes, I would love to get them).  I’m in no rush to do anything, and have plenty of time left in my day with no specific things to accomplish.  Why is it so hard for me to read my chapter THEN look up recipes?  Not to mention the fact that I left both of these things unaccomplished in order to come and write this blog.  Something about me feels the need to have 5 things open at the same time.  It’s just interesting to see now that it’s not only a matter of not having enough time to finish it all, which is my normal excuse.  It looks like this will be one of my life lessons while I’m here in Brazil.  Wish me luck!

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