We’re not in Kansas anymore

Sad realization #23

Walmart is not really Walmart.  Despite the familiar sign outfront, Walmart is simply an oversized grocery store.  Sure, you can still find a small section of many things, but there’s no familiar layout, even the sections contain VERY different options.  Only along the very edges do you find the electronics section with its 3 cameras or the one aisle of clothing.  Yet there is an entire section of cleaning supplies.  What crazy, practical people!! 

It’s ok though, because yesterday I recieved my own package of “Walmart” goods from my mom (for my birthday).  Between peanut butter, taco seasoning, tortillas and a ‘new’ shirt, what else could a girl ask for!  And yes, I had fun waving my tortillas in front of my new Mexican friend, who stared in envy as his beautiful flag disappeared again into my office. 

On other fronts, I continue making friends or rather becoming better acquainted with friends (since everyone here decides as soon as they meet you that you are a friend, no stranger danger here!).  I now teach my Advanced English class during lunch twice a week.  We sit at the same table talking in English then for the second half go up to the ‘classroom’ to do a bit more in depth conversation/grammar explanations.  Our “English table” is marked by a rather large American flag placed in the center.  For those of you who know my level of patriotism when out of the country, you understand this is quite an embarrassment for me.  Let me explain.  I do love my country and am proud of it (usually) but I can’t stand anyone who walks around another country bragging about their own country or constantly bringing it into conversation for comparison.  So the fact that I get to sit at a table, speaking English in Brazil, right next to the waving red, white and blue just makes me a bit… let’s call it uncomfortable.  But this is the only class I would suffer this humiliation for.  I love my Advanced Class, we have such interesting conversations and everyone is so motivated to learn.  A teacher’s dream come true.  And it helps that they’re some pretty awesome people too. 

Well, I’m off to make peanut butter cookies, so until next time, go buy something unnecessarily in honor of me. 

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  1. DonB says:

    I think you are well away from the flooding. I guess just because it is happening in Brasil doesn't mean you are near it. So I guess I can stop worrying.

    Can't I?


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