It’s my Party

Well, it was my birthday.  And this is what it looked like.  I got a basket of love from friends at the Division.  Along with a Passion Fruit Easter Egg.
In the morning, a birthday present also arrived from Mexico, Juan.  He’s the new volunteer for the Adventist Volunteers Services office.  I think he’ll be doing web design?  Eh, who cares, he brought me candy.  
I then spent a few hours with my friend Rita shelling (?) roasted peanuts for a fabulous Brazilian dessert that we took to my “surprise” party.
My cake was much more than wonderful.  Susan made it and it’s beyond description.  And yes, I chose the wonderful “24” candles myself.

After small group vespers, I was “surprised” with a party containing lots of wonderful food.  They even did their best to sing to me in English.  It was a noble effort.

Oh, and to top it all off… my small group gave me $75 to buy a new pair of shoes.  Hello guilty pleasure.

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  1. DonB says:

    I'm glad to see you had a good time. Maybe the “surprise” is that we didn't know about it. So what kind of shoes?


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