Spelunking and Sniffly Noses

This last Sunday, I woke up at 6:15am.  Not happy with that… but it was all worth it to spend a wonderful day spelunking.  12 hours later everything hurt as I hobbled into my apartment.  Don’t get me wrong, I did not get injured during the experience (although I almost died once), but 7 hours navigating a cave will easily use every muscle you’ve ever owned.  It was awesome, challenging, dirty and impressive.  I went with Pauli (featured here before as my “vacation buddy” who has now turned into a full-time friend), her sister, two people from their church, and friends of friends.  The caves are made up of large “rooms” to and half way through the cave (about an hour and a half into it or so) there’s a wonderful lake to cross.  So we went for a swim and continued on.  The whole cave is filled with the most impressive monumental formations, but at the end of the cave were some of the most beautiful, intricate crystallization, which also happen to be vary rare.  Well worth the effort.  And the laughter was always a wonderful plus.  Now though, I’ve earned a slight cold.  And yes, it was courtesy of our adventure because Pauli’s got it too. 
On that note, yesterday I gave the devotional thought in morning worship.  It went well but of course my voice was nearly out.  Apparently not out enough though, because people still cried. 

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