Alive and Kickin’

So life is pretty much back to normal, but thankfully for me that doesn’t always mean boring.  This weekend I was internetless, which really sucked for my virtual social life, but forced me out of the house from sheer boredum.  So I spent my Sabbath at church, eating, at church for a concert, out to eat and to the “pontão” which is the social point of Brasilia (although we really just walk around cause everything’s crazy expensive).  Fun part was that at the concert Saturday night, put on by Prisma Brasil, I found an old friend/student from Andrews, Isabelle!  Turns out she’s been singing with the group for about a year and she was just as pretty and sweet as ever.  After away from home for 5 months, I almost cried when seeing someone “familiar” again by surprise. 
Sunday, after making pancakes for myself, I took a shower and hiked over to the other side of the neighborhood to watch movies at Nelly’s house.  I think there ended up being 5 of us all together and it was so nice to hang out in a small, informal group for a change.  Tonight I have a Pictionary party planned at a Pauli’s house, so no boredom for the weary.  Wait, that’s not how it goes… oh well! 
It seems every picture that Eli Mendonça takes is my new favorite picture.  Here’s one he snapped before the concert.  As my mom could have easily guessed, I love having photographer friends.  I’m missing you all wherever you may be. 

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