Cough, cough

Hello world.

I’m sick.  I got hit late on Friday night (9 days ago now).  I’ve gotten better in some ways and worse in others.  I’m down to fighting against a cough (about 5 days now) and it’s keeping me from sleeping well.  It’s amazing how quickly a lack of good sleep can tear down my body, mind and spirit.  I’m not feeling emotionally strong enough to stay here for another 5 months, but I’m sure once I get better I’ll feel stronger.

A 9 day run of staying in my apartment has nearly driven me crazy.  Thankfully last night when I was at my very lowest, I was captured by my beautiful Pauli, her sister and another neighbor, Mercy, who were sweet enough to put up with me coughing throughout two whole movies.  But it was fabulous to see real people. 

Give it a few days and I’ll be back on my feet. 

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