Small Victories

So I’ve been counting my blessings wherever I can find them.  This weekend was a God-sent for me as I desperately needed a break from the norm.  Mid-week last week I stayed up late working on a project I was painfully behind on which was due on Friday.  Simultaneously I’ve been working on another project due early September.  Both have been frustratingly drawn out.  After pushing myself (out of sheer desire to be done) I finished editing the 800 page book on Thursday and finished translating 35 devotionals on Friday.  Finishing the book was a relief but also let to a fun problem solving adventure with the author regarding certain points of consistency in style.  But I must say, there is something energizing about having a problem to face as opposed to mundane tasks.  I guess I get tired of long projects.  Something new about myself. 

Over the weekend we had a Spiritual Enrichment Seminar focused on the Holy Spirit.  Everyone seemed to have a hard time keeping awake as it went from 8:30am to 5pm, but as I was busy consulting my dictionary from time to time and taking notes like a good little geek, I found the lectures to be rather interesting.  And although they were somewhat academic, they were inspiring.  At the end of the seminar I had a nice quick talk with my Samoan friend (for whom I translated in the last post).  It was a small reminder that there might be hope post-Brazil. He showed interest in me coming to work for him, but unfortunately the position is out of my area.  It’s still nice to be considered.

And then Monday, there was a bit more problem solving, some good conversations and my favorite small victory: a translation.  Because I’ve completed many of my English translations, Susan threw me an English to Spanish email to work on.  I’ll admit, I was slow with it, but it felt good to be thinking a form of ‘academic Spanish’ again.  The main difference being that I was digging into my reserves of grammatical training as opposed to just being “understood.”  And when all was said and done, Susan corrected very little.  And the corrections she did make, were points I was unsure of in the first place and would have asked her specifically to correct.  And as if I wasn’t already on enough of a roll, I went for my hour walk and even ran a bit of it. 

Now let’s see what tomorrow holds.  Although I’m afraid it may include waking up at 5:30am.  Oh wait.  That’s every morning.  Boo!

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