Recruiting Round 1

I’m sure this will not be the only time that I bring up this topic (I’m nothing if not persistent) but it’s worth mentioning now.  South America is looking for volunteers to put, well, everywhere.  While the majority of calls are for ESL teachers, there are spots open for medical professionals (and students), social communicators, physical therapists, nutritionists, Bible workers as well as music instructors.  If there’s a will, there’s a position.  Time is also rather flexible as positions aren’t limited to one year stints.  I’ve seen calls for 5 months to 2 years.

Now, I realize that it’s mostly my mother that will read this (I love you mommy!) but for the rest of you, if you know anyone in the Adventist church who is looking for a place to serve, I highly recommend hopping down to South America.  I’ve been treated well here in Brasilia, but I can also guarentee the committment of the team which looks over and cares for the continent’s volunteers.  If you know anyone who’s curious (or easily talked into things 😉 either look over the calls at or contact me.  It takes me .5 seconds to walk across the hall to the AVS office and ask questions.  Who am I kidding, usually I’m over there hanging out anyways.  Well back I go to work… bye mom!  Oh!  and Aunt Cathy… bye Aunt Cathy!

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