A Weekend in the Life of…

Me!  Ok, you saw that one coming.

So I had a fabulous weekend, which I will summarize in true diary form.

Friday I made peanut butter and jelly cookies for sundown worship/small group. They were tasty. I ate too many. Worship was fun. Although they have this new rule in my neighborhood, that if I don’t talk at least once during the group discussion, they’ll make me pray. I would be more upset, but they let me pray in English, so it’s all good. Afterwards, while enjoying my yummy cookies as well as everyone else’s good food, I even made a new friend visiting from Peru (who unfortunatly went home early Saturday morning). I’m really good at meeting people the day before they leave.

Saturday I went to church with my friend Mercy and her family (you have seen her father before covered in mud in the snow in Chile, if you’ve been following since May). Afterwards I had lunch at their house with two other Peruvian families (with one Chilean thrown in to the mix). I enjoyed laughing and remembered how much funnier things seem in Spanish (because I seem to understand the jokes quicker than in Portuguese). Translating a funny comment from a lesser understood language is akin to having the joke explained to you. It ceases to be as funny. And two of our new department directors were there and after getting to know me a bit, offered to let me marry their architect/musician son. Score! Only problem is I haven’t met him and he lives in Chile. Drat! I then spent the afternoon with Mercy (who I speak to in English, because she rocks at the English language!) looking at pictures online, showing each other our families and favorite memories. Mercy is a doll. Her Pauli and I go walking or bike riding rather frequently now. And then in the evening after eating several new Peruvian snacks, we played Telefunk. It’s more or less like Phase 10, but a little less organized. Well, turns out I am horrible at it. In this game you do not want points. The winner had 116 points, while I had 523. And flipping through their score book back about a year, I didn’t locate anyone who had ever earned as many points as I did. Fail.

Sunday Pauli came over and we sat around talking and giggling for a while before going out on the town with Juan and Bruno. The four of us just had to urge to get out, so we left without a definite plan. We wandered our way over to the communication tower which you can go up to get a glorious view of the main area of Brasilia. Granted, it’s all brown right now, so the “glorious” part looks awefully dead. Afterwhich we wandered to the central park and walked around for an hour or so. And we rounded out the evening by going to the food court at the mall and eating. Since Pauli, Juan and I (by default) out numbered Bruno as Spanish speakers, there was more Spanish laughing at the table.

Then to round out my evening, I went to sleep at my neighbor Shelly’s house, whose parents are out of town and whose regular babysitter was busy. So (because I’m a cool babysitter, and the girl’s in 7th grade) we dragged mattresses out to the livingroom and put on a movie. And glad to have the excuse to watch something light, we laughed our socks off with Princess Diaries 2.

But now, I’m back to work, and that makes like a whole different story.

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