I can brag too!

Mom and Dad,

So the other day I became an expert in the chemical structure of the peach growing soil (or something along those lines), and on how to write a dissertation regarding it. There was someone who is writing their agronomy doctoral dissertation (in English) who needed a revision of their work to send to a scientific journal. Well, you know better than anyone, this couldn’t be further out of my field. But always liking a challenge, I studied up, both on the subject as well as the style guide regulations for such a work. Susan laughed at me when I handed it over, because when I first got it, I understood about 2 words of the whole paper.

And today as I’m planning the self-study English classes (which I don’t think everyone will be able to handle) I’m realizing why I’m so good at teaching myself. You trained me well mom. I’m not used to having information fed to me, and I’m used to finding it myself (much like those Seminole Indians). I’m used to teaching myself, and that has given me such a valuable tool in both my work as well as my life. I know how to experiment and research until I finally figure out how to do what I need. And because of those skills that you’ve given me, I’ve never doubted that I could do anything. And yes mom, that includes installing new lights in the kitchen.

Mom and Dad, you have been exactly the parents I needed. I’m sure sometimes you might doubt your parenting (especially when I do stupid things), but from what I’ve seen so far, you trained me in exactly the areas I needed to develop. I know I’m far from perfect, but I’m happy with who I am (usually) and that’s the gift that you’ve given me.

I love you both!

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