Love Story of the Century

There are moments I wonder how my own love story will come about.  And yes, I’ll admit, sometimes when I meet a new guy in an entertaining way (such as accidentally telling him I wasn’t wearing underwear.  I mixed up the Portuguese words for underwear and socks.  That didn’t turn out well) I sit back and think, now wouldn’t that be an interesting story to tell our kids some day.  But sometimes others’ stories of how they met outweigh even my imagination.  And this is one of those tales.  So I actually heard this story several weeks back over Sabbath lunch at a friend’s house, but I hadn’t thought of sharing it until today.  I believe it is the most adorable love story I’ve ever heard.  It is a tale of Peruvian romance: The Saga of Yenza and Jorge.  Please be warned: This story is given artistic license and may not be completely historically accurate.
So as his first job after graduating with his accounting degree from the Peruvian Union University, Jorge was employeed at the financial services department.  Since Jorge is close to 6 ft with the face and build of a soldier (despite being a very sweet and kind man) one of his tasks was to check for financial clearance as students entered the classroom to take their final exams.  If the student was not able to present a paper proving financial clearance, they had to remain outside, thus, losing their opportunity to complete their course.  As you can imagine, this would be a tough job for just about anyone, so Jorge had to develop thick skin to avoid being convinced to break any rules.

Enter Yenza, who is just under 5 ft and probably a mere 100 pounds.  As luck would have it, Yenza was not financially cleared because she was waiting for a check from her father.  Now Yenza is currently one of the most spirited and fearless people I know, and I can only imagine how she was during college.  As little fiery Yenza approached the door of the classroom, Jorge could tell from the look in her eyes that she was going to be trouble.  And he was not disappointed.  Yenza pulled out every emotional manipulation should could imagine as well as trying to explain clearly enough for this “incompetent financial services employee” that he would get his money soon; she just wanted to take a simple test.  Jorge, however, would not budge, and after quite a battle, Yenza retreated down the hall.

A few minutes later, however, this little bundle of resolve climbed through the outside window of the classroom, settled herself in and began her exam.  Jorge, ever thorough, decided to take a quick survey of the inside of the room mid-exam just to ensure everything was going well.  Imagine his surprise when sitting there near the front was this stubborn woman who wouldn’t leave him alone just minutes before!  Little is known of what happened then, but chances are neither went down without a fight. 

As neither Yenza nor Jorge had any desire to see eachother again following their wonderful first encounter, luck would have it that Jorge was Yenza’s cousin’s best friend.  Doesn’t the world always work like that?  And the next time our dear Jorge laid eyes on Yenza, she was subserviantly bringing out snacks before Sabbath lunch at her cousin’s house, never expecting for the “cute, single friend” that her cousin and his wife had talked about to be someone so familiar.  And as time would have it, they eventually got past their first impression.  9 years of marriage and 2 kids later, it’s just a good for him that Jorge was financially cleared when he proposed. 

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  1. Lois Brown says:

    Too cute!! I like this Yenza already. Sounds like the perfect love story for you:)


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