Happiness: In its concrete and abstract forms

Despite being in a bad mood almost all week, yesterday I forced myself into some positive thinking.  And today was splendid.  I’m going to share glimpses of the random things that God put in my path to paint a smile on my face. 
1.  Chores that look like art

Here in Brazil, and I don’t know why, during the week my shower builds a beautiful blue film which washes away on Friday when I scrub it off.  Today I squirted on my cleaning stuff and stepped back amazed at the beauty of my creation.  And yes, I took a picture.  Isn’t it wonderful that something so obnoxious as cleaning the shower and provide a moment of pure joy?

2. God’s painting canvas

Ok, so as much as we seek to make beautiful things (even in dirty showers) God really takes the cake when it comes to impressive paintings.  I mean, come on, the Guy’s got the whole sky to work with!  Well, today was no exception as the beginning of Sabbath was celebrated in true celestial style. 

3. Church programs that snatch me out of my routine

Here at the Division we’re celebrating “Family Weekend” and yes, it has the potential of being as depressing as it sounds (being that I’m here all alone and all).  But tonight’s program was a beautiful time of praise and communion.  And actually, after thinking over it, this was my first communion since being baptized in May ’09.  It was a special moment as the whole family of the Division gathered under tents, breaking bread and washing feet.  And I even joined the team helping lead out hymns during song service.  Yup, I sang in front, and thankfully knew all the songs.  Doin’ again tomorrow too.

4.  Awesome Pastor Parra

 Ok, so this probably should have gone first (if I’m going chronologically) since it was the first part of my morning but today I had the opportunity to interview Pastor Carlos Parra for a few hours.  As a quick summary for those who do not know… there are currently 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine in Chile.  They have been there for about 35 days now, and are expected to wait until 2-4 months until rescue.  It has been all over international news, but interestingly, Pastor Parra, who is an Adventist pastor, has become the official chaplain of the site “Camp Hope” which is set up above ground consisting of family members and workers awaiting the rescue of these 33 who are 4.5 miles below ground.  What has grabbed the most attention about Pastor Parra was that he provided “mini-Bibles” (7cmX10cm) to the miners (through their supply tube).  There is so much more to this man and his story, and I’ll hopefully tell it soon. Until then, feel free to read over the ANN article regarding his story.

But I encourage you to keep your eyes open for the many small moments God puts in your path to bring a smile to our faces.  It helps us trust Him more in the trials.

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