Step 2-5: Wait

Ok, so I’ve put this ‘announcement’ off quite long enough. I was hoping to have a few answers before putting this out there, but perhaps it’s just as fun to let you all live in limbo with me. So for my next career trick I will be moving to…

I’ve accepted a job working in International Relations for the Peruvian Union University. Spread over 3 campuses in Peru, UPeU has over 5,000 students and is well respected and involved in the community. That’s about as much as I know for sure, so let me present you with all the questions I cannot answer. I do not know how long I will be there (I estimate 2-5 years?). I’m not sure exactly what my job will include (I am basically the link between the school and the USA; I assume I’ll be involved in university relations and development aka fundraising). I don’t know exactly when I leave (As soon as I get my passport back in the mail and get a ticket, hopefully by the end of April).

I’m excited about this opportunity but will continue to be paranoid that it will fall through until I’m actually there. Until then I do what I can to prepare myself, but wait anxiously to just be there while sitting back and grooving to some Perry Como . I’ll inform as soon as I have a few answers.

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  1. Min says:

    How exciting! I love that you are such an international traveler. I'm a little jealous of these experiences you are having. We keep trying to plan our next big adventure. Maybe to Australia. Any tips or places we must see?


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