Positive survival

I’ve been fighting a cold the last week, and as many of you know, there is very little worse than being sick when you live alone, a continent away from your mommy and daddy. First, there’s no one to say “oh no! You’re sick?” when you start moan oh so subtly in an attempt to get sympathy. But even more so, there’s no one to make you soup, refill glasses of water, ensure the never ending supply of tissues or keep you from eating candy because it doesn’t help you get better any quicker. And trust me, I need someone to keep me from eating candy when I’m sick. A sick body needs a mommy who can give a hug because mommies never care if they get sick because of you, I think that’s part of their contract. Ok, enough wallowing in self-pity. It’s time to think positive! Happy thoughts here we come!

This weekend I got to talk to a stranger for over an hour in downtown Lima (don’t worry mom, not alone, I was never in any danger).
I’m now a percussionist in the university’s orchestra. Who knew I had a hidden talent for playing the triangle?!
Today I had one of those moments where I explained something to friends that I didn’t fully understand myself and they knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. I just love being understood so well.
I played with a hamster this weekend. They’re just so darn fluffy!
In a meeting this morning I was told, “wow, it looks like you’ve already done most of the work we were just about to start. Good job.” Yes, the over-achiever in me loves that.
Despite the chill and breeze, there’s sun shine today. Funny how sun cheers everything up a bit.
Wednesday I get to go to choir practice! I haven’t been to a choir practice since… 2006 in Brazil.
Flies here are smaller, thus faster. But the good part? They don’t make that obnoxious buzzing sound. Or maybe it’s so small I can’t hear it.
I have had the Mission Impossible theme song stuck in my head all day. Downside: it doesn’t have words, so there’s no way to sing along. Upside: it has the most amazing tuba part. So I have tuba ‘umpa’ing in my head.
Someone said my hair looked nice today. It doesn’t look different than normal though. So that makes me think that they like my hair in general, not just how I did it today. That makes me feel great.
Today my cell phone rang while I was in someone’s office and I had no idea it was mine (no one really calls me that often). It could have been embarrassing but instead we got a good laugh out of it. I like enjoying people at work.

Yup, overall, life’s just wonderful!

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  1. David Baker says:

    Oh no! You're sick???? I guess that's the chance you take when you decide to live in a different continent, no one to take care of you when you get sick. By the way Percussionists rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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