My way (If the boss allows)

Today I’m tired. No sugarcoating that one. I think I slept about an hour last night and I’m exhausted. No excuses, but my eyes are not staying open very well. I had a busy morning, but this afternoon requires mostly quality one-on-one time with my computer. So… I may have just woken up with a slight keyboard indentation on my cheek. Yes, I know, sleeping at work is a big no-no, it was completely unintentional. But I had that rush of adrenaline from when you realize you feel asleep when you shouldn’t. Maybe you’ve experienced it while driving or in class.

After looking around in a panic, I realized no one is here to even care. My boss, if he had time(which he doesn’t) to care about what I’m doing every minute of the day, works in a completely different building. And I’m relatively isolated not only physically with my office far away from any potential co-workers, but also work-wise. I collaborate with several key departments and personnel here at the university but each on different isolated projects/purposes. No one here keeps close track of what I’m doing with my time. I don’t even clock in or out.

It’s times like this that I’m glad I was home-schooled. I know a lot of ‘normal school’ people who are super responsible and work well without supervision, but I don’t know if I would have been. But years of experience at ‘teach yourself or else don’t learn anything’ got me at least in the habit of getting done what needs to be done no matter who’s looking over my shoulder. And that comes in handy for days like last Thursday when I walked into my office, turned on my computer and my boss appears at my door asking, “So, Angela, what’s your plan?” And three cheers for me that I had one! From my strategic plan outline (full of mission, vision, goals and objectives) to example documents showing the material I hope to develop over the next few months. Sometimes I feel like I rock, but usually on accident. Now if I could only figure out how to do the other 95% of my job…

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