Better than mirrors

So I’ve successfully moved into my new apartment, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that already. It’s not that big, and it’s completely empty, but it’s mine! I’ll fill it up slowly but of course I have a list of “must have asap.” My first investments will be hangers, an oven/stove, mixing bowls, a casserole dish, maybe plates and a mirror.

Yes, so far I’ve survived almost a week without a mirror. As a woman, this is difficult. I trust that I look nice, but it sure is good to know that for sure. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a love affair going on with my mirror as many women (and quite a few men) do, but it’s reassuring to know that I don’t have a big stripe of white dust painting my left sleeve or a big clump of hair sticking up from the back of my head.

But as much as I miss having a mirror, over this last week I realized I missed something else even more. I miss my “better than mirror friends.” And yes, that is their official title. We all have them, those friends who you can ask “Do I look alright?” or “Do I have anything in my teeth/on my face?” or the ever important “Is my bra strap showing?” And you know as soon as they answer that you can be completely at ease, but these people more than anyone else would be the firsts to say “Wow, yeah, let’s fix that part” or “Ok, that shirt dips a bit too low, let’s find you another one” or my favorite response of “Hahahahahaha, yeah, there’s something green on your teeth.” They’re also the friends who will delete pictures that you look bad in, not just that they don’t look good in. So when these friends say “You look fine” you know they mean it. There’s no need for further proof because they’re as good as it gets.

So my hat is off to you dear friends, who love me enough to always tell the truth without fear of how I’ll react. Thank you for being someone I can trust and who will always show me who I really am, not just what I want to see.

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