Voluntary service

Every once in a while I do awesome things just for fun, although yes, it may be partly my job. Here one of my job “add-ons” is serving on the Adventist Volunteer Services board here on campus, which is a privilege for me after having spent two wonderful years as an AVS volunteer. Recently we had a youth event on campus and got the opportunity to give a few workshops explaining what voluntary service really is and why it’s so important.

I’ll admit it took us by a bit of a surprise, and consequently was a bit unorganized until the night before when Markos and I were able to sit down and come up with the entire presentation ourselves. If nothing else, when you work with the right people, at least it’s just as much fun working as it would be sitting around having fun. And of course it involved baking lots of muffins, cookies and pao de queijo. Who am I kidding, I just like having someone to feed no matter what the excuse!
Putting together the presentation was a good reminder of the needs in this world. And what I love about being here is inspiring people from Peru to serve! What a wonderful opportunity for the rest of the world. To me, ideally, that’s what the voluntary service program is all about, not just sending Americans to the rest of the world “to save it” but and interchange of ideas, thoughts, customs and knowledge. I guess that’s the intercultural professional in me.

I’m glad to be on the team, because despite not being a volunteer here, the spirit stays alive. And like I reminded potential volunteers, it’s not just going to a foreign country to serve, but learning how to make service a lifestyle no matter where you’re at. So here, no matter what, I continue serving. And how lucky am I!?

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