Not normal

Sometimes I think I’m a very normal person. And it’s easy to blame cultural differences on the fact that people think I’m strange. “Well, I just seem strange because I’m not from the same country.” Naw, today I realized that I’m just weird, even in my own habitat of the USA. Let me show 4 examples from the last 24 examples.

Example 1:

Yesterday while washing my clothes I got the urge to play in the rain. Unfortunately here in Ñaña it doesn’t rain. Basically ever. So instead of wringing out my clothes before hanging them up, I hung them all up dripping wet and ran around under my clothes in my bathing suit. It was just as much fun (if not more!) as playing in the rain! Clean laundry rain!

Example 2:

Before you get excited let me tell you, these are oatmeal cookies. I made one batch, took them to a friend while the second batch baked. If you’ve ever wondered how talkative I am, here’s the measurement. 13-15 minutes baking accidentally turned into close to 3 hours.

Example 3:

Check out my awesome business cards! I still don’t have official ones, so I made these, which are at least a step above scribbling my name on the back of a receipt in my pocket while talking to someone. Today I gave one to the Vice President from La Sierra. At least he laughed and said it’s memorable. Good thing?

Example 4:

 I still haven’t gotten around to buying a curling iron here in Peru, and while normally I would roll my hair in socks, turns out those weren’t dry yet, because someone was stupid and didn’t wring them out before hanging them up to dry. So this morning, instead I used my remaining clothes pins. Awesome? Yes. This is why every child, whether rich or poor, should be raised as if money was an issue. It creates creative, adaptable adults.
I’m sure there are moments I should be embarrassed of my strange behavior, but generally I’m oddly proud. And there are benefit. I enjoy life 🙂 And sometimes I have curly hair. But for the record, if you wonder why I’m weird, I still blame my mom.

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